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        GS30 Piston-type Intelligent Volumetric Acid Filling Machine
        Precisely filling acid for all kinds of small sealed batteries, and it is more suitable for those occasions where different types of batteries will be changed frequently.
        Pour the diluted acid (or send through pipes) into lower tank. Set filling quantity and other parameters, press Start button (Manual or Automatic), it will fill the battery automatically.

        It takes microprocessor as controlling center. It fixes the filling quantity through controlling the piston stroke inside the glass. It adopts stainless steel frame, and uses home & abroad famous brand for key components with high-class anti-acid/anti-abrasion material. It owns the following advantages: compact structure, nice design, precise quantity setting, fast adjusting speed and easy operation.

        Technical Parameters:
        1. Input Power: 3 phase AC380V, 50Hz, 2KW
        2. Gas Source: 0.4-0.6Mpa, 0.1m³/min
        3. Filling Precision: ≤±0.5%F•S
        4. Vacuum Pump Times: 1~9
        5. Filling Speed: As per battery capacity and filling method

        Models Max. Filling Quantity for Each Cell Filling Cells Filling Method Applicable Battery
        GS30-100-6(12) 0-100ml 6(12) Vacuum of Self-fill Under 10Ah Sealed Battery
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        MOB:013921981111(Power Products)
                       018962201111(Mechanical Products)
                       015962360508(Plate Equipments)

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