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        μC-CFXF  Integrated Machine for Data Logger and Battery Sorting
        Formation charge/discharge for small-capacity sealed battery and voltage data logger. It is specially used for E-bicycle battery sorting.

        The integrated machine employs two sets of microprocessors, one is used to control formation charge and discharge, while the other is used to control patrolling data acquisition of each unit when performing charging and discharging. The advantages are:high precision, high reliability, and easy assembly by modular structure. Both sorting precision and product quality can be improved with labor intensity lessened by using the equipment.

        setting upper/lower voltage limits of open /closed circuits, classified end-of-discharge voltage value and interval time for recording battery voltage.Ltinerantly checking voltage of each cell and automatically recording data.
        LCD displays voltage of each cells cycling or a certain loop. Alarming instantaneously and falshing to display the No. of failed battery and its voltage.
        Printing voltage data table of cells, classified battery voltage data table and collect table of batteries beyond limit.
        Central network control multiple kits and data processing
        Technical Parameters:
        1. Range of current controlled:  1%~100%F.S
        2. Range of voltage controlled:  10%~100%F.S
        3. Precision of constant current/voltage:≤0.5% F.S
        4. Precision of voltage sorting:  ≤0.1% F.S
        5. Time precision: ≤15S/24H
        Models Output current Output voltage Circuits Batteries per loop Size(cm) Weight(kg)
        w h d
        μC-CFXF 10A/320V 10A 320V 6 24 or less 100 200 80 500
        μC-CFXF 20A/320V 20A 320V 6 24 or less 100 200 80 550
        μC-CFXF 30A/320V 30A 320V 2 24 or less 100 200 80 650
        μC-CFXF 50A/320V 50A 320V 2 24 or less 100 200 80 700
        μC-CFXF 80A/320V 80A 320V 1 24 or less 100 200 80 720
        μC-CFXF 100A/320V 100A 320V 1 24 or less 100 200 80 800
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        MOB:013921981111(Power Products)
                       018962201111(Mechanical Products)
                       015962360508(Plate Equipments)

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